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I had my 3rd renal kidney biopsy, have multiple bruises everywhere, throat hurts from the breathing tube they put in. Now i just have to survive my anxiety until we get the results and figure out what will be happening next in my treatment.

Hi Sarah! It can be so overwhelming dealing with both the chronic and acute parts of living with a chronic disease. Anxiety can add to the overwhelming nature of it all. What are some ways that you typically manage your anxiety?

The breathing tube, yes, I hate that. I usually drink warm tea with honey to help soothe my throat after a surgery, but it does take some time to fully recover from that. I hope that you start feeling better soon.

Sharon from ModSupport

For my anxiety I have had image therapy in the past, sometimes I like to play with my cat and feel her soft fur, I love visual art and creativity can really help calm someone’s anxiety. I also take medication and just try to keep myself stimulated around others but at the same time know when I need to be left alone. Im just tiered of my health concerns. Doesn’t seem like it is worth the trouble considering I have lost complete faith in the purpose of life. Being born a Muslim but no longer having any trust in God and having no reason to keep fighting.

One of the things that we can wind up dealing with is trauma and you may want to address that head on. There are therapists that specialize in this.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can also call 988 (for anyone who lives in the US).

I’ve actually come to realize recently that I’m starting to really pile up the trauma. I don’t have anxiety by nature, but it’s really wearing. I just spent 4 nights in the hospital for pneumonia that was completely asymptomatic other than fever. When I arrived my vitals were such crap that sepsis protocol was put in place. My diagnosis and meds are different and my home community on Ben’s Friends is different, but we’re all patients. It is so valuable being able to talk to people who really get it.


I’m a cat mom too, and I really love nothing more than snuggling with my girls. Elsa is my baby, she’s the hairless one. Willett is my favorite nurse cat, and Sissy is my sweet, very attached girl who I needed stitches from when I first got her. I also foster cats, and my current foster is a lovely black fluff.

Yes it can be very tough some days when you really don’t want to keep fighting. Tiered of meds and tests, ERs, and it is really hard when people you care about and want to live for keep proving to you that they are not worth it. Problem with nephrotic syndrome is that it doesn’t affect you greatly on the outside so people look at you and think you are good. My parents keep saying to me how i should be grateful i can do everything everyone else can do. They say how there are so many people in the world worst off than us. They just don’t understand. Sometimes I wish there was a way that for just 2 days everyone in my life would experience all the pain symptoms craving, traumatic thoughts everything. I hope my nephrologist says that there is some new disease reaction in my kidney. Hopefully I can have PRES syndrome again and just forget about all the stupid useless people in my life who only care about financial standards and getting people to do work for them. I wish I could have gone from this world when I had mpgn type 1 diagnosed.